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Leaving Afghanistan, Returning To Reason: The American System Rescue and Recovery Mission

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It is time, in the context of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan, to turn the attention of bamboozled Americans to the task of reacquainting our nation with the American System of physical economy, as expressed in the LaRouche Four Laws. Simultaneously, we must also cure the widespread addiction to self-destructive ideas and practices, the tragic effect caused by a genetic defect in today’s "entertainment culture."

A rapid immersion in Classical art, particularly the tragedies of William Shakespeare and Friedrich Schiller, is the most economical means to cure our present compulsion to tragic factionalism in politics. The American System, on the contrary, emphasizes "the harmony of interests," not ethnic or class warfare. It insists on economic development as the basis for peace , and introduces a practice of self-government which is the opposite of the American military’s British-style occupation policy in Afghanistan.

As we move the world to joint collaboration for a world health platform, and with the Belt and Road initiative, so we must move the individual citizens away from tragedy to reason through Classical culture.

Speaker: Harley Schlanger. A special tribute to actor and Ed Asner (1929-2021) will be featured.