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South Africa Launches Work at BRICS Vaccine Center; Russia Lends Support

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EIRNS—South African President Cyril Ramaphosa (CR), turning somewhat away from the Anglo-American powers, has established the BRICS Vaccine Research and Development Centre based in South Africa, to draw on the expertise of the other BRICS member countries in a cooperative effort.

In a statement issued Dec. 10, President Ramaphosa announced that he “has invited scientists from fellow BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India and China—to work alongside South African scientists in further researching the various characteristics of the COVID-19 virus and its mutations.”

It adds that the “Chairperson of the Ministerial Advisory Council on COVID-19, Prof Koleka Mlisana,” has been assigned “to lead a task team of South African researchers in the area of genomic sequencing to work with their counterparts from other BRICS countries.”

South Africa is currently the host of the BRICS Vaccine Research Center.

President Ramaphosa said: “Humanity will only overcome this pandemic if the countries of the world work in closer cooperation by sharing information, expertise and resources. This cooperation must be underpinned by the principles of solidarity, partnership and mutual respect.”

“The collaboration among BRICS countries is intended to broaden our knowledge of the COVID-19 virus not only for the benefit of member countries, but for the global community more broadly,” he concluded.

On Dec. 9, Ramaphosa had spoken with President Putin, who released a statement saying that, “An agreement was reached to send a group of Russian virologists, epidemiologists, researchers and doctors, as well as a sanitary-epidemiological laboratory and other medical equipment to South Africa in the very near future.” [dc_/jar]