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Manhattan Project Weekly Webcast
Operation Ibn Sina: Carrying the Flag of a New World Paradigm of Peace Through Development

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TLO—In a world tortured by real problems such as species-threatening pandemics, civilization-destroying warfare, globalized criminal surveillance of populations, soul-destroying drug epidemics, and money-grubbing scams like global warming, where can a young person, just starting out in life, find prospects for optimism? Why does life matter? Why SHOULD life matter? Is it really true That each human life is a potential source of a good? Is there a way to know that? Why is life good, IF life is good.

How are ideas, such as “The Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites” intervention into the world health crisis, and “Operation Ibn Sina,” a military-strategic, as well as philosophical alternative to the lethal geopolitics of Southwest Asia, intended to transform the present, clearly failing complex of “credible policy options” in order to secure, not only durable human survival, but even unprecedented economic prosperity?