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2022: The Year of War and Disease, or the Year of LaRouche?

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TLO—In the first week of the 2022 New Year, Tony Blair was officially declared a Knight of the Living Dead and U. S. Former Vice-President Dick "Darth Vader" Cheney was presented at the U. S. Capitol by his daughter as the new Arse-nal of Democracy. What Next for the New Year?

As investigators probe the shady story of Tony Blair’s long-standing connections in Kazakhstan, and Russia tries to avoid the multiple "bear traps" being set by a duplicitous NATO along its 14-nation border, the prospects for a successful world collaboration against the increasingly-consuming coronavirus pandemic or the breakout of thermonuclear war hang in the balance. A return to morality, by reversing the ongoing, premeditated starvation of millions in Afghanistan, is the prerequisite to building a durable peace through development, but with the likes of former de facto United States president Dick Cheney suddenly re-emerging from the bowels of Dante’s Inferno as the "hero-defender of liberal democracy," from whence does America find the moral fitness to survive? Lyndon LaRouche believed that "the content of policy is the method by which it is made." A moral policy cannot come from an immoral method. Harley Schlanger and Mike Robinson will discuss and answer questions concerning the alternative policy methods for 2022.