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The Poetic Principle Must Supersere Warfare

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TLO—With Harley Schlanger and Cliff Kiracofe for the discussion!

Were discussions of the Ten Principles proposed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche to replace the chat room gossip and partisan “much ado about nothing” presently clogging up the internet, the seeming impossibility of creating a dialogue among cultures, based on the mutual, if differentiated, economic progress of all nations, would evaporate. LaRouche often stated that “the content of policy is the method by which it is made,” which should clarify why you will never get the right policy from a Samantha Power, or Blinken, or Sullivan, or even worse, a pompous Pompeo.

With the recent exposure of former Chancellor Angela Merkel, that the Minsk Agreement was designed to buy time for Ukraine, the danger for war can only be broken with a poetic intervention. Like the great thinkers before us, we have to change the structure in which war is created in the first place.