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Schiller Institute Weekly Webcast
Reject the Zelensky Hollywood Production, Organize Support for Peace Conference Proposed by Pope Francis

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SI—Helga Zepp-LaRouche used a pre-Christmas webcast to call for an expanded mobilization behind the offer of Pope Francis to use the Vatican as a site for negotiations, without preconditions, to end NATO’s war against Russia. Every thinking person, she said, is concerned with the danger of an escalation to World War III. She urged viewers to circulate the Schiller Institute’s letter of support for the Pope’s offer, in the spirit of Christmas, and use the season as a moment for serious reflection on the mission of Jesus to achieve peace, through acting with good will towards all men.

The Zelensky extravaganza in Washington yesterday demonstrated the opposite, exposing the British intent for expanding the war, even as NATO is approaching the crossing of a trip-wire which is unacceptable to Russia. She said that she believes the war hawks, typified by the Green officials in the German government, are preparing an escalation against China in 2023. If they are successful in “diversifying” EU economies away from China, Europe will be “marginalized”. Instead, the potential still exists for Europe to participate in the BRI.