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Letter to the Members of Parliament
What Comes After the Cease-Fire? The Oasis Plan

25 February 2024

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Member of Parliament,

¨As the world becomes clearer and clearer that the mass killing in Gaza will not be stopped unless a fundamental change is introduced to end the conflict, it becomes essential to ask: What comes after the cease-fire?

¨What joint process will be set in motion, involving what partners, to secure a durable peace, despite the atrocities committed and the bitterness of antagonists?

¨Only a solution that quickly establishes a new economic platform, designed to employ, in principle, the entire population of Gaza in building, together with willing partners, Gaza as a center of trade, production and education, can succeed.

¨This means, in turn, that several nearby nations must also be simultaneously drawn into such a process that will change the face of Southwest Asia forever, from a center of world conflict to a crossroads of world cooperation¨.

What role will Canada aspire to play in such a process?

I am certain that the short video produced by colleagues in the United States entitled The Oasis Plan can answer the latter question in a way capable of bridging the policy differences between the political parties in the Canadian House of Commons. I have spoken in recent weeks to many Canadians from across the country: They all agreed with a future of peace and development that transforms a region of conflict and discord into one of connectivity, growth and happiness. 

Let us through a worldwide concerted effort make 2024 the year of the launching of the Oasis Plan! 

Sincerely yours,
Gilles Gervais
Schiller Institute (Canada) 
Cell. (438) 876-8181