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The People and Governments of the North Responsability to the World

1 November 2013

An October 25 Infographic published in the Financial Post entitled Electric Energy Consumed in the Territories by Generating Technology is a reminder that policies towards Northern Canada emanating from Ottawa, by and large, have not only suffered from chronic underfunding but those policies did not give the residents of the region the opportunity to choose the energy generating technologies which represent the high energy flux densities required to rapidly increase both the standard of living and productivity of the people living in the Territories.

As a consequence, Canada’s three Territories have not been permitted to attain their full potential relative population density.

We must exert political leadership and put forward a northern vision which prioritizes the dignity of man through the development of his cognitive abilities.

The North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA XXI) represents a development pathway which utilizes the energy generating technologies which have the highest energy flux density. The time required to complete NAWAPA project will span one generation. This infrastructure endeavour will transform the North into a ’college-work site’ where young people will be honing their skills and learning new ones. They will be able to operate with the most advanced technologies and become familiar with a scientific culture.

NAWAPA XXI must be studied and voted up in Yellowknife, Iqaluit, and Whitehorse. Then Ottawa must be persuaded to sign a Treaty with the United States and Mexico, an event that would signal the official launching of the continental project which is uniquely capable of satisfying the present and future needs and aspirations of all inhabitants of Canada : Those First Nations, Inuits and all who have chosen to live and work North of 60, and those Canadians who, up until now, had pragmatically viewed Canada as contained between the 45th and 60th parallel of latitude.

Researcher Benjamin Deniston, one of the principal authors of the 54 page 21st Century Science & Technology Special Report : Nuclear NAWAPA XXI, Gateway To The Fusion Economy, argues in one of the report’s section entitled Maglev Through The Bering Strait , that the full NAWAPA XXI program will become a model and the locomotive for a worldwide economic recovery :

’Integrating the NAWAPA XXI, Bering Strait, Arctic Development, and Pacific Corridor project will provide the needed economic leaps for the nations involved, creating a density of productive potential that will drive the growth of the entire world.’

With NAWAPA XXI, the People and Governments of the North will finally have their voice heard in the future of Northern development, but their voice will now also resonate across the world to insure a bright future for a large segment of Mankind!

Gilles Gervais