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Conference, Vancouver BC
The Coming Trans-Pacific Fusion Economy

29 August 2014


Towards a True Science of Physical Economy
Phil Rubinstein
Spokesman for the International Schiller Institute
Forum for a New Paradigm

The Glass-Steagall Fight
Message of Greetings from Mayor Corrigan of Burnaby, B.C. (PDF format HERE)
Audio-Statement by Maine State Rep Andrea Boland

Second Panel

Lunar Helium-3 Fusion in an Era of International Development
Liona Fan-Chiang,
LaRouchepac Science Research Team

Energy, Water and Transportation infrastructure Needs for
the Pacific Rim and West Coast Corridors

Dr, Hal Cooper
World renowned engineer and infrastructure expert

Message of Greetings
Former Premier of British Colombia Bill Van der Zalm 1986-1991
Mitigating Flooding and Drought: Taking Account of the Sun’s Activity
Dr. Robert Hux
Committee for the Republic of Canada

Question and Discussion