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Proceedings from November 2 Montreal Conference
New Dark age or New Renaissance? Navigating through a world in Crisis

2 November 2014

The key to a successful political and cultural revolution is not ’fact gathering’ or ’insider knowledge’ but a deep understanding into the nature of a human mind.To understand that nature, perhaps the best example is that of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) who did not even live to be 21 years old but led a French Army to victory against the English. Prior to that, the French Army had seen constant defeat for at-least a 100 years.

Humanity needs such leadership today. It is a challenging task but not an impossible task because to be such an inspiration or to be inspired by such a sublime character is in the nature of Humanity.

Our generation today has the capability to take on the various challenges faced by Mankind and create a global economic and cultural system based on the Common Aims of Mankind. Taking on such a challenge and making it our personal commitment is what eventually, undermines the Oligarchy and is the banana peel on which they will slip and fall. Such leadership and quality of mankind will be discussed tomorrow at the Schiller Institute/CRC Conference. You are urged to join and participate in this endeavour to chart a brave future for Canada.

The Committee for the Republic of Canada was thus proud to host the conference on November 2, 2014 at the Atwater Library entitled "New Dark age or New Renaissance? Navigating through a world in Crisis" with Dennis Speed as the keynote speaker who has been a spokesman for Lyndon LaRouche since the past 40 years and a writer for the ’Executive Intelligence Review’ Magazine.