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Fireside Chat with Lyndon LaRouche, December 10, 2015

10 December 2015

Tonight’s Fireside Chat with Mr. LaRouche focused on how to deal with the menace of Donald Trump, particularly how a bi-partisan effort to sink Trump & Obama is exactly what the U.S. needs now. Heads up, tonight’s call suffered from technical difficulties, we cleaned up the file as best we could.


John ASCHER: Good evening everyone, this is John Ascher welcoming you back to our Fireside Chat here this evening with Lyndon LaRouche, on Thursday, Dec. 10th, 2015, and I’m hoping we have Lyndon LaRouche connected with us. ...

We’re starting out with a little technical glitch and we expect to be here with Mr. LaRouche momentarily. We are trying to get a better phone hookup generally for this conference call, which has been giving us some problems over the course of the last couple of weeks. So we hope next week to have set up for the new call.

Lyn do you have any preliminary remarks for the folks on the phone this evening.

Lyndon LAROUCHE: Yes, I think it’s extremely urgent too, that what I’m moving for, is to get the Trump business and other business, that we must try to drive the people, the citizens, those who are coming from the one side of the program and the other; in other words, we have Democrats, and we have Republicans, both of whom are decent people. We also have bums like Trump, and people like that; and we have Democrats like Hillary, and we don’t want either of those latter two. Because what we have to do, is stick away from Obama entirely: Sink him! Concentrate on those Republicans who are tired of what is coming in the leadership now in the Democratic campaign, and get rid of Hillary in order to bring proper Democrats into behavior.

That is urgent. That is not a choice, that is an urgent command. Because we’re on the edge, of possibly going into a horrible situation. It’s building up fast and we’ve got to take charge. The people of the United States have to take charge on the basis, of the right people from the Democratic side and the right people, from the Republican side. That is what we must stick to, right now.

ASCHER: OK, with that clear, sharp edge here, I’m going to turn on the Q&A button.

Q1: Hello, this is D— from Arizona. The question I have to ask happens to pertain what I’ve heard about what’s going on with the oil from Iraq and Syria going through Turkey, and the President and his son dealing in that. But then I’ve also heard that the other party that’s involved in that, when it goes from Turkey is Israel.

I had a little discussion with a candidate here, and I told him, you know, "all wars are bankers’ wars. If they wanted to stop that, why don’t they go after the bankers and why don’t they repurpose Guantanamo for the bankers?" Is that something that we can use and come up with "Repurpose Guantanamo for the Bankers?" and we could stop that war that’s going on over there? Because somebody’s funding it, which is Saudi Arabia and other parties.

LAROUCHE: Mm-hmm. Well, I can tell you what my finding is on this problem, is what we have now, is we have a bunch of Republicans who are not bad material, because they don’t like Trump. Now, disliking Trump is curiously, a virtue, among Republicans. And if we get rid of Hillary, we can clean up the Democratic side.

Now, that does not mean we’re going to have a perfect operation. It does mean we can bring together two major elements, of our organization. But, that still is not good enough. On top of this, we have to shut down, not press down on Wall Street, we have to shut it down right away. It has to be shut. You cannot leave it alive, you’ve got to turn it down, burn it up, get rid of it! Because there is no way, on the one side, that you can safely proceed, in trying to renegotiate the terms of organization in terms of agreement, on the basis of program now. There’s no way you can do it.

You’ve got to get rid of Wall Street period. Shut it down, don’t pay anything! This is a free ride! Shut ’em down. Because everything you do, to try to defend any part, of Wall Street, you’re killing Americans. And I’m sure you don’t want to do that. Now, among Republicans and Democrats who are sane, and human, unlike the other type, the different type, this will work.

Then, what we have to do, is make a fundamental change, from everything that most people in this nation have learned. That is, beginning with the 20th century policy, and up to the present time, there has been a continuous degeneration, in terms of long-term trends of the United States and European economy. Therefore, we must shut down everything that is like, not only the Wall Street in the United States, but in Canada, in Britain, and in many parts of Europe: Shut it down! And go back to what Franklin Roosevelt had intended, for his reform, by closing down Wall Street and building up a new system of economy.

But no more of any of this thing. No deals! No deals for Trump. No deals for Hillary. No deals for people of those categories.

We’re going to get two teams together, Democratic and Republican Party, and some other people who are fit to serve, and we’re going to get what Franklin Roosevelt aimed to do, when he did it in the 1930s. That’s the policy. There’s a certain element of shambles in this whole thing when we do it, I mean, decent Republicans and decent Democrats don’t always agree; they don’t even have the same agenda. But we have to take that part of the policy, build the organization around that, get some degree of unity among those two elements I’ve indicated, and do the best we can to build up from there.

Q2: [internet] We’ve gotten a number of questions in from the internet, as well we have people in line waiting to ask you questions, and the one I have here is from L— from Washington state, and this is somewhat related to what you were just indicating. He says, "Mr. LaRouche, my question is once we get rid of Obama, the man; how do we get rid of Obama, the policy? There is no Presidential candidate who is actually calling for shutting down Wall Street, and the election seems to be setting up Hillary for President, as just a continuation of Obama. How can we change this?"

LAROUCHE: Well, we can do it, because you know, there are some people in our organization who are senior and very important people in terms of our political and economic functions in the United States. Now, what’s happened is, they have been sort of divided among themselves, because they have not figured out the formula for unity, unity among those who are prepared to make a reasonable agreement, in order to save the United States as an organization, and to rescue it. That’s what we have to concentrate on.

Once we decide, that a significant number, among the Republican members of the organization, and the Democratic Party part, minus Wall Street and minus what Hillary’s trying to do, and under those conditions, you will find that we have a possibility of a very sudden turnabout, where doubtful people are no longer going to be doubtful. Because if we can bring together that kind of unity, around those kinds of considerations, we are able to pull the United States population together around this issue.

A lot of people will still disagree, but we have a hard core, of both Republicans and Democrats and the thinking that goes with that, and that is the best thing we can possibly do at this time. It’s from that point of view, if we start that, then a lot of other development can be obtained.

Q3: Hi Lyn, hi John. This is R—V— calling from Minneapolis. I want to give you a report on an event that J— and I attended last evening, sponsored by the World Affairs Council, which is an umbrella organization which has 90 members; this organization is called the Minnesota International Center.

The theme was a presentation was "Syria’s Refugee Crisis," and unfortunately, we didn’t hear about it early enough to be able to get tickets to get into the presentation. But we did do some organizing on the outside. But I thought it would be helpful just to have an idea of what the theme of the presentation was. The statement was: "Syrians have for a century welcomed over a million refugees from Armenia, Palestine, Iraq, and other countries around the region. Now, thanks to a multi-year civil war they are on track to become the source of the world’s refugee population in a matter of months. As Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and other neighbors strive to accommodate the millions of Syrians, the risk of allowing Syrians to become dependent on emergency aid and forming local generations remains. But ultimately, the safety of displaced Syrians rests with the whole international community."

The primary presenter was a fellow named Ambassador Ross Wilson, who’s also a distinguished fellow in the Atlantic Council; he lectures at George Washington University; three years in foreign service; was the ambassador to Turkey, Azerbaijan; he also served overseas at the embassies in Moscow and Prague, as well as at the Consulate in Melbourne, Australia. In Washington, Ambassador Wilson was the principal deputy to the Ambassador at Large and Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

I guess, in some words, you might say he knows where the bodies are buried. But at any way, J— and I did have the opportunity to hand out 40-plus flyers, one from yesterday, "Obama’s Backing ISIS Led to San Bernardino." And most of the people that took the flyer, took a look at the title and continued on keeping the flyer; we had a couple of people that refused. One lady immediately handed it back; one gentleman handed it back with some rather colorful language. And we were also able to hand out several of these from the Dec. 8 briefing on "Obama Could End Terrorism by Releasing the 28 Pages."

But interesting, one of the ladies that took the flyer from me, came back several minutes later and wanted to discuss; she had obviously read it from end to end, and she seemed to accept the premise of the flyer but her initial comment was that we were dealing with a similar situations during the Bush-Cheney fiasco, and nothing got changed. And as she put it, "the train was too far down the tracks." She seemed to be in agreement that Saudi Arabia was the financier of the 9/11 attacks, but again, she made that statement, "is the train too far down the tracks?" and she was referring to the 2016 election.

And at that point, I asked her to consider that with the nuclear arsenal, that the U.S. and Russia have, is it presumptuous to think that with Obama’s drive for war, that we will even have an election in 2016? The conversation continued on a little bit further.

So Lyn, I guess I don’t have a question for you, but obviously, I’d look to any insights you’d offer and just finally, I’ll say that, the organizers found us to be a little irritating so they asked the security people to ask us to exit; which was fine, we’d done our work.

ASCHER: Well if you got thrown out, you must have done something well. Lyn did you have any comment on that report that we just got?

LAROUCHE: [very poor audio] ... well, I don’t agree with all the [17.35] but they are [inaudible] firm conditions that they do just present. We have to find a value which is somewhat in a different place than we’re trying to make, pulling this together sometimes doesn’t work too well. What we do need, we do need to get rid of several things: Shut down Wall Street. That means a change, in the economy of the United States; it means also, dealing with the Europeans on a similar basis.

For example, take the case of the needy people who have been cast away as people who had been thrown away, in Germany and elsewhere, in areas next to Germany. Now, Schäuble in Germany, a key figure there, has been a leading factor in causing a murderous approach to the economic conditions in Germany. We have a similar condition in France, an unstable condition in the French economy, with the relevant organization there. And different parts of Europe are very corrupt among the leadership. That’s all there.

So the point is, we have to bring together measures which will create sort of a council of agreeing people, who are going to, not look at a patchwork of measures, but understand the basic principles which have to be set into motion, in order to cause a recovery. Remember, we’ve have, in the United States in particular, we have a collapse, an absolute collapse of the life conditions, of the population of the United States.

The death rate, the increase in death rate, among employed people as well as others, today, is something you cannot just say, "well, we’re going to try to do something about it." It has to be fixed! And one of the big problems, we don’t have any efficient method, of employing people in ways which fit the needs of the future of mankind. The actual productivity per capita of citizens in the United States, within the territory of the United States, is collapsing at an accelerating rate. The education systems in most major states are incompetent; the schooling system is incompetent! The direction is the wrong way.

Food thing: Now we have a really Nazi-like operation which the Pope has introduced as his crazy, maniacal program, which is actually delivered by Schellnhuber; who is a British agent. So the British Empire has taken over the Pope, and the Pope is no longer what you want to call as a Pope.

And so therefore, we have a set of complications. What we need to do is adopt a policy of thinking, which looks at embracing all of these kinds of issues, and just turn things around. And get the United States and Europe in particular, together with China, India and a few other places, and get this thing coming together again.

And we have to approach this pretty much, with a keen eye, to Franklin Roosevelt’s approach, to the problems of the 1930s. And if we can start with that, and say, let’s start and get the sane Republicans and the sane Democrats, and some other people together, around this kind of question and answer, that’s the best shot we’ve got right now.

Q4: This is L— from Michigan. We obviously have an epidemic amongst our elected officials of treason and misprision of treason. And I think it’s the 62nd statute of Federal law, section 2381 and 2382, we can hold the President and many government individuals directly and indirectly connected or associated with our government, are admitting treason and misprision of treason. Can we also say, without a doubt, that the products and services that are sold on all the streets at all our commercial businesses, can we also say that because they are directly connected to Wall Street and Wall Street activities, that that is a form of treason as well?

LAROUCHE: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. That’s a very efficient way to aim the measures which have to be taken. It may be roughshod, but it has to be pulled together quickly, and therefore, we will do a clean job, but a rough job to get this thing under control. Then we’re going to have to smooth the thing out. And do some things which we have no done before, because the United States does not presently have, a program which is generally in operation, which meets the requirements; we’re going to have to do some very heavy efforts, to pull things together. But we’re going to have to go immediately from pulling things together, to refining what we’re pulling together, because we don’t want to make a mess. We’ll accept a certain reasonable amount, of just tolerating what we have to tolerate. But we’re going to have to clean the thing up a little more meticulously, in the process. If we do that, the very fact that we, as citizens, and so forth, are willing to make that kind of agreement among ourselves, will be sufficient to get this thing into motion as we have to.

And I’m saying "motion," right now. I’ve had a discussion today, this evening, with some very important people, and the time has come, to take Democrats and Republicans who fit the sanity test, and get them into motion. Because if we can get an agreement within a significant part of the totality of our own Presidency, and spill that same spirit, into other countries which we deal with, I think we can make a good headway quickly, and it’s one which is very much needed.

Q5: This is R— from Brooklyn, good evening. I’m doing the best I can to try and tell people that we have to get rid of Wall Street, and going into all the details is difficult, because none of them have enough of a background, a lot of people, to even discuss this intelligently. I have been pushing the idea of we have to rebuild the way the economy functions, we have to go to real economics now, and we’ve got to put the Glass-Steagall Act in, and etc., etc.. And in doing this stuff, and pushing all this, I find that the education system has so indoctrinated people, to believe in a simplified form that Wall Street is the economy, when it isn’t in reality, that it’s a difficult row to hoe.

I do try to introduce them to the website; I do try to get them into the idea that we must make a definite change, to go back to Hamiltonian economics and what this means. This is the best I can do. If you have additional suggestions, I’d appreciate ’em.

LAROUCHE: Well, I can tell you that I got into the business of some impact on the national policy of our economy, and I won the fight, the first fight which involved the British as well as a team in the United States. And I was fortunately in being the winner in the 1950s, of getting a solution.

Then all kinds of things came down on me, especially from the Bush family; the Bush family is my enemy, and President Reagan, or future candidate for President Reagan was the person with whom our team was working. That is, Reagan’s team was actually based on a team of a number of senior people who include me in their operations; and we operated initially, to create an initiative form, of a Reagan administration. And we got that done.

But then Reagan came under assassination attack from the Bush family member, and therefore we were set back. And in due course, the Bush factor, Vice President Bush, did a job essentially on me, to get me out of the picture and to get me into prison for a couple of terms of years. And since that time, there has been a degeneration, in the intellectual quality of the United States population in general. The breakdown of the educational system, the breakdown in the economic system, the vast increase of accelerating rate of inflation, and now, the Obama administration, which is worse than Hitler.

I mean, if you want to measure things, Hitler was no better than him: Obama is worse than Hitler. Just give him a little more time, and you’ll get the full number. Remember: What Obama does on every Tuesday, he picks innocent citizens, and has them killed, every Tuesday! So that’s about as bad as you can get. And it’s pretty much in the same quality as Adolf Hitler. That’s the same kind of business.

And therefore, we’ve got these kinds of problems to consider. Therefore, we have to be very serious, about understanding what the practical measures are, which will bring our United States in particular, back into becoming, once again, after a long term in different ways, for the U.S. economy to be rebuilt.

Q6: [internet] I have a question here from a gentleman, who’s actually international location; he’s from Cyprus, but it’s relevant to what you’re emphasizing here, Lyn. His name is L— and he’s from Nicosia, Cyprus, and here’s what he says. "Mr. LaRouche, do the people of America and England, understand that their economy is actually bankrupted? Do they understand that they have the choice between cooperating with the G20 and the BRICS nations, to actually restart the economy from the beginning and to leave all the debts behind, or that we’ll have World War III? I believe that the elites prefer the second one, that is World War II, because they believe they need to sacrifice human beings to save their system." That’s what he’s asking for your comment on.

LAROUCHE: That’s a fair summation. And the point is, we’ve got to prevent that from happening. And we have to get people to unite, and understand what the true interests of the nations are. It’s not too hard, in theory, to lay out a program which would do the job. But most people in the world, most people in the world, throughout the world, do not have the informed intelligence, needed to understand what the measures are that have to be taken. I mean, it’s like the guy who tried to drive an automobile without a steering wheel! And that is a little bit difficult. And therefore, we’ve got to get the steering wheel for the people.

And once we do that, we’ll be all right, we have to realize, we have to deal with that problem. And we do have to organize jointly, and look at these things seriously. And everything that we can do for the good, is going to depend upon our ability to come to conclusions which make that possible.

Q7: This is S— from Riverside. I had distinct displeasure today, of running into a couple of Trump supporters. They said that Trump was the only one who "told it like it is." Now if that doesn’t sound like Fox News, I don’t know what does. But they spouted the same kind of stuff that one would hear in 1930s Germany. And when actually brought up Hitler and World War II, these people had no clue! Now, this worries me, because basically, you know, well, "what happens, you want all these people in camps? The FEMA camps or whatever?" And they said, "well, they’re trying to kill us! They’re trying to kill us!" You know — where are we going to get any kind of thinking Americans any more?

LAROUCHE: [audio badly degrades 34.15] Well, the big danger right now is coming from the British Monarchy. The British Monarchy has taken over the Pope. And if the Pope were to go through, with the British program, which is being pushed heavily, you’re going to find worse than Hitler, coming throughout the world very soon. So you’ve got a Hitler program, and the Hitler program is the program which was forced down [inaudible 34.50] Pope.

Now, I don’t know what the Pope’s actual morality is. I have a lot of uncertain questions about the thing. But I do know that he’s working for the British Royal Family and the British Royal Family have made up a policy whose intention has always been, since I was born, has always been, to kill, kill, kill, the human population, to reduce it to a very tiny portion.

And what we’re talking about, you know, the [inaudible 35.33] policy today, the economic policy today of the Pope and of the British Royal Family, these guys will kill you in the majority, and only a minority will be left very long, after a very short time.

So you have to look at these issues in a broader way, rather than just limiting to certain issues which you want to pick on as selected issues. The issues that we need to face are the broad issues. And that’s what people are afraid of. I’m not afraid of these broad issues; when people become intelligent, they’re willing to give up the broad issues, and get back to the smaller issues which are very important for the present and future mankind.

ASCHER: All right, we’re trying to deal with a technical problem here. Let’s try to take another call and see what happens.

Q8: Hello, this is K— from Massachusetts. I turned on my computer and got on your website, Mr. LaRouche, and the first paper that was there was "Forget Who the Next President Might Be, Until You’ve Helped Remove This One from Office." And I’m reading along, and then, I saw on Wednesday, a LaRouche PAC collaborator in the Mideast, called his congressman, briefed him and told him Obama had to be removed, using the 25th Amendment — immediately! The congressman said he hadn’t heard any discussion of that. The constituent replied forcefully, "then you start it!"

So I got thinking; I saying to myself, "that’s a good idea, so [crosstalk] so I did it! I called! In fact, I called a couple of Congress people....

LAROUCHE: [very poor audio] Well, I would say [inaudible]... Trump is really typical of [inaudible] real evil. He’s not very intelligent... [38.35]

LPAC TECH: Lyndon! Hold or, I think we may have to call you back or do something different.

ASCHER: I’m sorry folks we have a connection here which is unmanageable and which has been a problem. And we’re trying to get reconnected. [39.00-44.03]

Q9: This is C— from Santa Rosa. With the danger of nuclear war so great, I’m not surprised that people are just hiding out from it, and that leading to, I got onto this thing with the [inaudible 44.52] for President type of nonsense that he was going on. So I looked at myself and I said, "why did I do that?" and the first thing I came up with, is that’s all contamination from the so-called left, where they keep saying, "change comes from the bottom." That’s not true. However, I’m saying, why did I accept that, because I know it isn’t true? So you can take it from there: What mechanism was going on in my mind that made me vulnerable to something that I knew was wrong?

LAROUCHE: People would like to have somebody backing them up. And what history is made by people who are not waiting for somebody else to teach them how to do what they have to do. And what you have to do, is you have to recognize that there’s something wrong, and you have to recognize that if the problem is of that nature, that there’s something wrong in you, which is preventing you from recognizing what your responsibility should be. And therefore what you need is simply more strength, to understand what must be done. Waiting for somebody else to lead you to a solution, has never been a very successful proposition.

I hope that helps to give you some indication.

Q10: Good evening, S— from Florida. And the fact that Mr. LaRouche has taught us about Glass-Steagall is so important, not just to the recovery of the United States, but it’s going to be the recovery of the global economy. And what people really have to get a handle on is that we are not an American government, if you turn the dial and look at it, that we’re the United States of IMF.

There’s an amazing article with sources, called "40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know," by, and it’s very good for people to print it out for people to look at these with the sources, that really, the American government right now, is a U.S.A. corporation under the IMF, and of course Wall Street is connected through IMF; so is the Federal Reserve.

ASCHER: Do you have any comment on that, Lyn?

LAROUCHE: I do, very much so. No, the point is, you’re taking the wrong attitude, and you have to adjust your attitude and think about why you should change your attitude. You’re depending too much, on trying to influence the people you’re trying to put pressure on as individuals. And that’s a mistake. Because what we had, what we’re doing, is we’re not trying to get John, Dick, and Joe, and whatever it is, we’re not trying to do that, because it doesn’t work!

Now, you’ve got different parts of the United States and they react differently to this problem. In the area of Manhattan, and around Manhattan, there’s a rapidly growing view, that the people in Manhattan and around Manhattan are actually in the process of rapidly, expanding their unity, in organization. People in other parts, in the Southern states, for example, from Baltimore all the way down, in particular, we have a great weakness among the people of the United States.

So it’s not the individual manner. The individual issue is not the issue. The issue is that many individuals themselves, isolate themselves by taking no responsibility, for bringing about the changes that have to be made. And therefore, the unity, and as I say, what we see in parts of the New England states in general, and more particularly in terms of the Manhattan area and parts of New Jersey, you have a rapidly growing cultural, economic, economic policy, and similar kinds of things are working. In other parts of the United States, the poorer quality of citizen, in the United States, is not functioning well, and that is a problem.

Don’t try to concentrate on the individual. Concentrate on the people, and increasing the number of people who you bring into a serious discussion, of what these matters are. If you don’t do that, the chances of success are very small.

Q11: This is T— from Colorado, and Mr. LaRouche, like the woman before talking about the people from the IMF and the Bilderberg group, I don’t think many people talk about the Bilderberger group but they control so many of the people in our political system here, as well as other parts of the world; but they have almost total control of the Democrats. They’re always united together with Obama, and I don’t know how you’re going to find someone from both groups to compromise, because they don’t compromise and there are many Republicans going with them, and just pushing our country further, like the deficit in a hole, and many immoral things. The immoral things of the homosexual marriage, and the band with Planned Parenthood to kill children; our country is morally in a free fall, and if we can’t get those things back right, I don’t know how you can be lined up with a country that was "God bless America," that was great in the world, and now looks like it’s godless America. I don’t know what your opinion is on that; I’d like to hear it.

LAROUCHE: I think you’re look at the wrong end of this thing. Yeah, sure all this stuff goes on. It’s popular. But the people who fall for it, really, are creating the problem.

Now, look, there are many parts of the United States as I just mentioned the case of — the problem here is, there’s a "typical citizen" so-called, who will not do anything about this, that is, nothing effective on this. And what I do know, as I just mentioned in remarks just before, is that in the Manhattan area, and around certain parts of New Jersey, and some parts of New England, such as Boston and so forth, there is a very significant policymaking by people who are actually working as in tandem with each other. The number of such people is increasing rapidly.

In other parts of the United States, the intellectual condition of the population, is very, very poor. And that is the majority of the population has a very poor ability to understand economy, or to understand morality. Some parts of the world do have a stronger ability. Therefore, instead of worrying about blaming people who are making mistakes — without question, making terrible mistakes — you’ve got to take the people, who as a group, will build a force which will spread its influence throughout other parts of the United States.

Because if you just sit and say, "we’ve got a terrible situation out there, it ain’t going to work. It’s not working." You’re just asking for the worst kind of effect. You have to get in there, form organization, focus on your issues, and get people together on those issues. Without that, everything you will say will become a waste of time! And we don’t want that.

We want our citizens, to recognize that what I’m talking about, as some Republicans, a significant number of Republicans, and that’s a late reform; and some other members of the House, are thinking a little more seriously now.

What you’ve got to do is focus on encouraging, those forces, to become unified forces, with a unified conception of what has to be done! Without that we’re dead. So just complaining and denouncing people will not work. It just makes things worse. You’ve got to get people on the issues that mean something to them! Real issues!

I need to get Republicans, who are decent, but who are not necessarily very accurate right now; we’ve got to bring them into the fold. We’ve got to do the same thing in other parts of the nation. We’ve got to bring the people together. We’re not going to get them all there at once, in one big swoop. But we can organize very rapidly; there are intelligent people, members of the Congress many of them; members of the House of Representatives; other kinds of people like that; and we have a force.

Our job now is to bring those willing people, who are willing to do that, and bring them together and enlarge the growth of their movement.

ASCHER: Well, Lyn, I think what you just said there is absolutely crystal clear. Unfortunately this evening, even though we’ve been working on this intensely in the last 48 hours, we got hit by our bad infrastructure in the United States in the form of this phone system which is not functional. We have plans to fix this for next.

But I think the statement you just made there, Lyn, to our LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat, is an absolute clear, political orientation, and I think we should make sure that gets out in our publications and transmitted generally.