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In Memoriam Denis Tremblay

10 February 2017

Long-time ICLC member Denis Tremblay passed away Wednesday morning. For over a year now, Denis had been in and out of Montreal hospitals fighting courageously against both a cancer and a deteriorating heart condition.

Denis joined the ICLC in the late 1970’s. He first met Lyndon LaRouche during the 1980 Presidential campaign when Lyn gave a campaign speech at the Sheraton Wayfarer in Bedford, New Hampshire. After the speech, Lyn came over to discuss with a gathering of mostly young members and supporters from Quebec. When Lyn heard that Denis’ family name was Tremblay, he jokingly enquired if he was related to the famous Père Joseph du Tremblay, the Capuchin monk who became the ‘grey eminence’ of Cardinal Richelieu and a key organizer of the Westphalian Treaty. Lyn delightfully proceeded to recount, in some detail, the world-historical importance of this outstanding French personage who, possibly could be related to Denis!

In the late 70’s, under the leadership of Jerry Pyenson, the Montreal local was recruiting a wave of young people, including Denis; an LC membership of approximately 20 members, including four from a single family, the Côté brothers!

While Denis had graduated in Chemistry, he had not yet worked in his field of study when he joined the LaRouche movement as a full-time organizer. He maintained throughout his life a love for scientific inquiry, following closely the work of the Fusion Energy Foundation, and the research on the Lavoisier circles and our articles on Mendeleyev.

He brushed up enough on his English to move to New Jersey and he organized there every day in the field for a couple of years. When he moved back to Montreal, he became the Finance Officer for both the Party for the Commonwealth of Canada and the Canadian C.D.I.

He was very happy to get back to full-time organizing when he travelled to France in 1995 to help put Jacques Cheminade on the French Presidential ballot. When in Lyon he visited the Maison d’Ampère-the Electrical Museum and was so excited about electrodynamics that for over a year he kept briefing members and contacts in Montreal on the subject.

In the early 2000’s, he traveled back and forth between Montreal and New York

once or twice a month but only for weekends or 3day trips. This lasted well over a year: He was courting his beloved Leticia, who at the time was working in Manhattan. He and Leticia got married in New York and after what must have seemed a very long immigration delay, Leticia was finally granted the necessary papers to move to Canada.

Two days before his death, while in hospital in a semi-conscious state, Denis’ brother, at his bedside played for Denis a Mozart piece on his laptop; Denis started slowly moving his arms, and fingers as if he was holding his violin and playing the Mozart piece.

Denis will be missed sorely. His quiet determination to always get the job done in the most efficient manner and his unshaken belief that truthful and beautiful ideas, in a revolutionary period like the one we are presently living through, can win out. That Mankind, under the proper leadership, is capable of freeing itself from British-imposed mental shackles and that all Men would soon reclaim their inalienable rights and occupy their rightful place on board the rapidly progressing new paradigm.

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p.s. Messages and condolences can be addressed to Leticia Tremblay c/o christianeDelandGervais@