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The Destruction of Germany’s Car-Making Industry Prepared by Long Green Hand

2 August 2017

EIRNS—Behind all the front-page scandal news about Germany’s car-making industry being an "axis of evil" which has to be eradicated, there are organizations like the Agora Verkehrswende (Transport Change), which is fully in line with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s climate guru Sir John Schellnhuber, who calls for the elimination of all technologies that have come on the market since 1775. This total "restart" of the economy and society under the slogan "total de-carbonization" by a return to the state of development reached more than 200 years ago is claimed by Schellnhuber and his many followers, to maybe save the Earth from what they insist would be "heat death" caused by man-made emissions.
Agora Verkehrswende, a twin of the other extremist greenie organization Agora Energiewende, is chaired by Achim Steiner, a German diplomat who is administrator of the UN Development Program, and previously was German representative to the United Nations and director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP). Steiner’s organization maintains close communication with the European Climate Foundation, chaired by Caio Koch-Weser, (longtime Deutsche Bank director and sometime leading official at the German Finance Ministry, as well as a vice chairman of the World Bank). Since September 2016, Koch-Weser has been director of the notorious Oxford Martin School, where Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the likewise notorious "Stern Report," a founding document of the entire global warming fake, has been housed.

During the five years before 2006 when he took over the UNEP environment office, Steiner was director of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which once gave birth to the World Wildlife Fund. Director of the IUCN before Steiner was Maritta Rogalla von Bieberstein Koch-Weser—wife of Caio Koch-Weser.