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Classical Culture vs. ’Bread and Circus’ Culture:

A Life or Death Question

6 September 2017


SUNDAY September 10, 2017

1200 Atwater Ave., Montreal

(South of Saint-Catherine Street)

14H30 - 18H00

The world is now at a crossroads. Either the British Empire (the Trans-Atlantic north region) continues its efforts to impose its malthusian, imperial looting policies on the rest of the planet, enforced through regime changes, wars, terrorism, and drugs, and the world will enter a New Dark Age, or its population will wake up, overthrow the policies of the last 50 years, and adopt the financial and economic reforms proposed by US statesman and philosopher Lyndon H. LaRouche for many decades to allow every nation to have rapid economic development – policies which are now applied by China, Russia and their allies with the One Belt One Road policy: a win-win policy. Simple enough?

Yet, the population of the Trans-Atlantic area is mostly fixated on how bad Donald Trump is as a US President, not taking into account that most of the problems he has to govern, are created by the very same Anglo-American establishment (intelligence community, media and Wall Street) who want to hold on to its destructive imperial power: Rather than helping Trump to do something right, people are helping to get rid of him and put back in power those who have paralysed the world economic development for decades and who have brought the world on the verge of a new world war. How can people be so stupid? or so small? Is it simply the lack of information? How can they be educated?

The problem is not new. To such questions, people like Dante Alighieri, Petrarca and Boccaccio answered by re-creating a type of culture which had almost disappeared for a thousand year. Thus they allowed Europe to get out of the murderous black plague crisis which it had brought upon itself through wars, usury and superstition and they created the conditions for the golden Renaissance that account for the prodigious development of Europe from that time until the beginning of the 20th century. What is particular in classical culture, as Lyndon H. LaRouche defines it, and how do we revive it, will be the subjects of the discussion. Only if we revive classical culture in that specific sense, will we be able to send the empire into the dustbin of history and enter an age of reason.

In that context, musicologist and historian Fred Haight will discuss how past efforts to launch a Classical Renaissance in Music and Art have succeeded, with a focus on the case of music. Contrary to Romantic mythology, genius is not some mysterious thing that emerges out of nowhere once a century. Not at all! Revolutionary institutions are established to spread a deeper culture, and a musical literacy amongst the population, which is necessary for their very survival. The great genius emerges out of a process of educating thousands of people.

Our representative François Lépine will discuss how Erasmus (1467-1536) and his cothinkers (Thomas More, Rabelais, Shakespeare, Cervantes and Marlowe) created the conditions to end the religious wars that the Venetian Empire had launched against the Renaissance and how they created a more advanced state of society with the Treaty of Westphalia (1648)... a precursor to the Belt and Road Initiative today.

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