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Stop Saudi Genocidal War in Yemen: Interview with Fouad Alghaffari

6 October 2017

LaRouchePAC conducted an exclusive interview with Fouad Alghaffari, chairman of the Yemeni Advisory Office for Coordination with the BRICS, who has been actively promoting the ideas of the LaRouche movement in Yemen, leading the effort to bring Yemen into the "peace through development" paradigm of the New Silk Road.

Alghaffari speaks with us from Sana’a, Yemen, which has been the target of an aggressive genocidal war by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,which has already killed over 10,000 people. LaRouchePAC has issued an emergency state, "Enemy of the New Silk Road Paradigm: Saudi Genocide in Yemen" which can be found here.

Enemy of the New Silk Road Paradigm: Saudi Genocide in Yemen