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An Endorsement from Canada for the North American Belt and Road Initiative (NABRI) and the candidacy of Kesha Rogers for U.S. Congress (TX-9)

4 August 2018

By Gilles Gervais

CRC—Kesha Rogers, the Independent Candidate for the U.S. Congress running in this autumn’s midterm elections in Texas’ 9th. District (TX-9) has recently announced a proposal that would uniquely set the stage for resolving both the refugee crisis and the drug epidemic, among other urgent and numerous problems affecting all three nations presently operating under the faulty and now nearly defunct NAFTA Treaty.

The proposal is called the North American Belt and Road Initiative (NABRI) and we of the Committee for the Republic of Canada [1] wholeheartedly endorse both the NABRI policy and the candidacy of Kesha Rogers for Congress![2]

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of course refers to the policy initiated by China’s President Xi Jinping in 2013 which today has over 100 countries participating in either the Belt and Road Initiative land component or the Maritime Silk Road component.[3]

Just over 10 years ago, nearly 100 patriots from Mexico, the United States and Canada had gathered, together with diplomats from 9 nations, in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, to hear U.S. Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche give a keynote speech[4] to an EIR international conference entitled:

The Strategic Importance of the Eurasian Land-Bridge: Canada and the Coming Eurasian World.

In the Questions and Answers period following the keynote speech, Lyndon LaRouche had the following to say on the common interests that tie Canada, United States, Mexico together:

“...It’s extremely important for us in the Americas, especially in North America, to set a precedent, for the world, to, in a sense, admire.

“…Now, we are not very strong on oligarchy, on aristocracy. We’ve had unpleasant experiences with that, and therefore, we are republics in our way of thinking. We think of ourselves as citizens, we think of ourselves as equal, at least in rights. And we prize ourself on our cooperation, we pride ourself on being beneficial to our neighbors—at least, most of the people I respect, do that. And so therefore, it’s extremely important, that if you cannot get this kind of cooperation in North America, I don’t think we can get it on the planet anywhere, at this point.

“…I think there’s a natural tendency for an alliance, as neighbors, between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. I think that by saying, "We can be sovereign, we don’t have to globalize, we don’t have to give up our sovereignty—we can be sovereign. We all can be neighbors, and we can cooperate in a positive way, not to fight each other, but in joint projects of our common interest." It’s extremely important to do that.”

“I’ve dealt with this: López Portillo was a dear friend of mine, in the time that we were working together, much closer than most people know. And I think it’s a very good thing to have a friend like López Portillo—now deceased—who was victimized by people who were oppressing Mexico at the time. And to remember a friend, and this friend, who did something good in his time for his people. He was frustrated in realizing what he was doing for his people. It’s a good thing to remember that, to honor that, and make his dream, which is a valid one, come true. It brings us all closer together, by knowing that we are cooperating with one another to a common interest.”

An Inspiration to the Americas and the World

It is our informed conviction that the citizens of Canada would embrace NABRI as a project of great value to present and future generations of North Americans.

Internationally, these are greatly troubled times. Therefore the true self-interest of a citizen of Canada must necessarily be located not only in the condition of the nation bequeathed to its posterity as a whole but in our country’s international efforts to promote policies that will lay the basis for establishing a more just new world economic order.

Presently, it is all mankind that cries out implicitly for a more secure order in mankind’s affairs. If it be true that “Development is the New Name for Peace”, then it would certainly be within the power of the people of Canada to collaborate with the United States and Mexico to establish NABRI as an inspiration, a living example which this imperiled mankind of today’s world sorely needs.

Presently Canada is the only country in the Americas which has joined the Asian International Investment Bank (AIIB) [5] (on March 19, 2018). Let us immediately organize for the United States and Mexico to join and also the 7 Ibero American countries which are already listed as prospective members of AIIB.

NABRI can become the gateway through which all of the Americas joins and participates fully in China’s BRI. Let us take this first important step to bring about “a community of shared future for humanity”.

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[2] candidacy of Kesha Rogers for Congress!

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by Lyndon LaRouche 2007

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