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LaRouchepac Class Series No.8
Basic Infrastructure (August 10/11)

11 August 2018

Since 1969 the maintenance of U.S. infrastructure has been below break-even. To restore our infrastructure to the 1970 level would require trillions of dollars. In contrast to those who advocate the privatization of our infrastructure,

LaRouche argues that infrastructure is the responsibility of the government. This responsibility can be met in four ways: 1) direct expenditure; 2) Federal and other government corporations like the TVA; 3) regulated public utilities; and 4) regulated private facilities of interstate or intra-state commerce. As necessary as it is to repair existing infrastructure, LaRouche emphasizes that we must always proceed from the top down, that is, from the future. What is the next higher economic platform required to achieve mankind’s continuing anti-entropic growth? From this standpoint LaRouche advocates that we build new cities from scratch based on the vantage point of developing urban centers on the Moon as advocated by Krafft Ehricke. These cities should then be linked by high speed rail. This class will be given by Dennis Speed.

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