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Schiller Institute Diplomatic Forum in Ottawa, May 8, 2018

22 August 2018

On May 8, 2018, Hussein Askary, one of the two principal authors of the November 2017 Schiller Institute Special Report, `Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa: A Vision of an Economic Renaissance,” gave an in-depth overview of this ground-breaking report and the decades-long activities of the international movement which inspired it – a movement established nearly fifty years ago by American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche and presently led jointly with his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and president of the international Schiller Institute – to a Schiller Institute Diplomatic Forum in Ottawa. Askary`s presentation, which began with Lyndon LaRouche’s polemic that “The Future determines the Present” (ie. history is determined by ideas), was attended by diplomatic representatives of 20 Embassies and High Commissions (including 5 Ambassadors/High Commissioners) from Africa (10), Southwest Asia (2), Asia (6), Europe (1) and the Caribbean (1), most of whom stayed for the more than 2 hour intense event which also included an off-the-record discussion with the speaker.

Opening remarks and a short overview of the strategic situation were given by Schiller Institute representative Robert Hux, focusing on the historic opportunity for the establishment of an alliance among Four Powers (United-States, China, Russia and India) to end the present unipolar system run by the Anglo-American financial elites, and to create a “New Bretton Woods” – a new system of relations among nations based on a revival and advancement of the commitment of Franklin Roosevelt to secure the right to economic development, scientific and technological progress and the respect for the sovereignty of every nation. The opening remarks concluded with a reading of a statement by Zepp-LaRouche, commemorating May 8, the 73rd anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, which was the celebration of the end of World War II in the European theatre.

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