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Trump Swiftly Dispatches British Ambassador

12 July 2019

Donald Trump channeled the American founder Jonathan Swift in ousting the British Ambassador, KCMG Kim Darroch, from Washington, following the leak of Dorach’s perfidious cables about his country’s spying operations against the American President. Trump characterized the Brit as “wacky” and a “pompous fool” who we will “no longer deal with.” Dorach confessed in his leaked cables that he was “cultivating” everyone in the President’s social circles and inside the administration to “flood the zone” in order to control the President’s responses to issues of war and peace. None of this is covered, of course, in the ridiculous “news accounts” of what was in the leaked cables. Instead, British perfidy is presented as speaking truth to power and an issue of free speech. In reality, the exposure is one of long-time British practice, one which had been extremely effective ever since the death of Franklin Roosevelt but now stands naked and exposed.

Lyndon LaRouche correctly summarized the issue between the heirs of the American revolution throughout the world and the Anglo-Dutch imperial power presenting resident in the City of London banking apparatus. The issue is the nature of human beings: are they each individual creative beings made in the image of God or are they feral beasts in a war of each against in which a hedonistic calculus is determinative. A social system embracing and building on the revolutionary American standpoint will succeed; the British system will fail and take humanity down in its wake. LaRouche used the science of Karl Gauss and Bernhard Riemann to conduct his intelligence investigations, resulting in political operations always diabolically aimed at the imperial slime mold’s exposed flanks. It is time to employ this science again to complete the exorcism which has now begun.