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‘Day of Action’ Youth Mobilize for 1.5 Billion Jobs Worldwide with ‘LaRouche Plan’

19 June 2020

SI—Two positive initiatives stand out today amidst the spreading pandemic and other deepening crises. The Schiller Institute youth contingent led a multinational Day of Action, calling for leaders of the Four Powers—the United States, Russia, China, and India—to rise above the fray and meet to initiate measures for the common good, in particular for health and medical infrastructure to fight COVID-19, and for the economic system to create productivity through the “LaRouche Plan” for 1.5 billion new, productive jobs and all that goes with it. Secondly, in this spirit, a meeting was held today by Chinese and African leaders, called the “China-Africa Solidarity Summit against COVID-19,” which was moderated and addressed by President Xi Jinping and African Union Chairman Cyril Ramaphosa, among others.

The extraordinary summit created a new “Africa Medical Supplies Platform” for all of African nations to be able to access, for the next six months, diagnostic and therapeutic supplies to fight the pandemic. Ramaphosa, who has in recent days drawn attention to the importance of space exploration and nuclear power, made a special point of the necessity for measures to set aside unpayable debts in Africa, at this time of emergency to combat the virus.

The Schiller Institute Day of Action involved reaching out through all communication modes to hundreds of individuals and organizations in a position to launch needed initiatives for a new economic system, whose emergency goal is centered on infrastructure for world health, as the Schiller Institute petition headline states: “Defend Earth’s Most Precious Resource—People!”

The blueprint for this activation is provided in the document, “The LaRouche Plan to Reopen the U.S. Economy: The World Needs 1.5 Billion New, Productive Jobs.” Produced by LaRouchePAC, it will be discussed at 2 p.m. EDT this Saturday, June 20, by farm leaders, labor specialists, and others LaRouchePAC’s weekly online National Town Halls, and entitled: “1.5 Billion Productive Jobs Worldwide—How To Return the U.S. Workforce to the Science of Production.” This is the light shining through what otherwise can seem a hopeless darkness of injustice and suffering with no way out toward a future of progress. It is a call to action.

The opposite of the fighting approach for collaboration on a new economic system was on display today in new U.S. foreign policy initiatives on Syria, in an awful display of British Empire geopolitical regime-change tactics. It is made worse, because authority for the sanctions comes from the combined backing of the neo-liberal and neo-conservative crazies, who put the clause into the latest National Defense Authorization Act. The State Department announced 39 new sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, his wife, many family members and other Syrian leaders, which proscribe any economic support of the nation. These come after details of the dire situation of medical and food shortages in Syria were conveyed June 16 to the UN Security Council, and by warnings about the threat of famine in Syria from UN World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley in an interview with the U.A.E. daily The National on June 12. More than 9 million people in Syria are food “insecure” (without enough to eat, either for lack of means or supplies) and 2 million more on the edge.

Part of this picture includes Lebanon, very closely connected, where the banking system itself has blown out. Lebanon, a nation of 5 million people, hosts 1.5 million Syrian refugees. In recent days, moves are underway toward a “new paradigm” of cooperation with China, for intervention with infrastructure development, and possible relief through Russian and Iranian initiatives on Syria.

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp LaRouche today, in her weekly strategic webcast, spoke of how it is “no time for geopolitical games.” Is the thinking to have “regime change in Syria through famine?”

After detailing the situation and other events of the day, such as the “drifting away” between Germany and the U.S., she concluded by drawing out the general point about what is needed among nations. “Germany and the United States should work together to solve the refugee crisis, the building up of Southwest Asia, the solving of the pandemic, working together to industrialize Africa—these are the kinds of things we should put our minds together on. We have to have a different paradigm, and a completely different thinking. Because national interest is fine—I’m all for national interest, including that of Germany. But as Friedrich Schiller has said many times, you can’t have national interest which is in contradiction to that of humanity. Therefore, you have to be a patriot and you have to be a world citizen at the same time.

“So that is the kind of spirit that the Schiller Institute is trying to evoke. That will be the subject of our upcoming conference on the 27th of June.” See the invitation for the conference, “Will Humanity Prosper or Perish? The Future Demands a Four-Power Summit Now.”

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