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Lyndon H. LaRouche

The End of the Two Party System: Lyndon LaRouche’s 90th Birthday (2012)

9 July 2020

LPAC—On September 9, 2012, his 90th Birthday, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a vision for mankind’s future for the next 50 years.

But, this being in September of 2012, faced with the prospect of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as President, LaRouche declared Barack Obama outrightly evil, an analysis proven true in the present fascism and treason of the Democratic party in the United States. He declared Mitt Romney a weak reed like buckwheat, and corrupt, again, an accurate analysis which typifies the present Republican Party in the Senate. Intelligent citizens, LaRouche said, must prepare themselves to run the economy and the country, as was intended by the Constitution.

In 2016 we elected President Donald Trump: a true outsider. Every problem he has encountered, you could argue, is caused by the two Party system. It is a rotten Republican Party from which he had to staff a government. And a rotten Republican party he continues to deal with in the Senate. Just as LaRouche describes here, the coup against Trump can be defeated, and the nation’s progress assured, only if individual citizens step up as our Constitution demands. A new intelligentsia, like the Founding Fathers, must be created.

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