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Voices of Sanity and Compassion Begin To Ring Out

24 April 2021

TLO—The potential to defeat the genocidal “green new deal” and “great reset” policies of the bankrupt trans-Atlantic Establishment is palpable and growing. That is what makes the global strategic situation “dangerous, polarized, interesting and hopeful—all of the above at the same time,” Helga Zepp-LaRouche asserted today.

A growing number of powerful voices are being raised which, although still nodding in the direction of the green climate-change mythology, are digging in their heels against the idea of sacrificing millions or billions of people, especially in the underdeveloped sector, on the altar of Malthusian environmentalism. This week the Indian Energy Minister and an angry editorial in China’s Global Times. Copenhagen Consensus President Bjorn Lomborg, whose op-ed was notably published in the semi-official China Daily, which argued: “Six billion not-rich people also want access to plentiful and cheap energy, lifting them out of hunger, sickness and poverty.” If the G7 nations try to deprive them of that, in the name of an illusory Green New Deal, “that will go badly,” Lomborg accurately warned.