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Under Threat of World War, the Schiller Institute Organizes a Moral Renaissance

4 May 2021

EIRNS—The U.S.-NATO prerogative to impose a “rules-based international system,” constantly repeated by the Biden Administration and British “imperial” mouthpieces, now consists of ordering all nations to join the United States and Europe in giving up fossil fuel energy, high-technology farming and livestock raising, high energy industrial technology, whatever the consequences to their peoples. Moreover they must join in bludgeoning Russia and China until those technological great powers agree to do the same. If the Commander of United States Strategic Command, Adm.Charles Richard, has just said he judges “thermonuclear war” to be a strong possibility in this situation, NATO elites think that’s a chance worth taking to force their adversaries to “decarbonize” and regress in industry and power.

Canada is now attacked by U.S. officials like a strategic adversary, for having oil pipelines under the Mackinac Strait. Germany is slammed with sanctions until it abandons a gas pipeline from Russia. New Zealand is to be expelled from the “Five Eyes” intelligence partnership for not declaring China its enemy. Eastern European government leaders must bow to NATO/British geopolitical confrontation with Russia or have “regime-change” thrust upon them.

The grim reality of this “Great Reset”—for this is the “Great Reset’s actual character—is that NATO will pile sanctions and threats and dare Russia and China to superpower war, war unsurvivable for humanity, rather than allow them to continue with technological and industrial development the trans-Atlantic nations are abandoning themselves. And China and Russia will not accept”zero carbon" regression.

For the driving force of this menace, however, look to the City of London and Wall Street, the biggest financial giants and central banks—and there you find the great weakness of the Great Reset. These financial forces are staring at a global financial crash of a corporate bond debt and equity finance bubble in the tens of trillions of dollars, and additional tens of trillions of derivatives exposure. They just passed through a grim milestone on the way to that crash, with the collapse of a very large hedge fund called Archegos causing huge losses at big European banks; they know they’re within a year or so of the end.

Therefore London and Wall Street finance feel the urgent need to escape the crash with a new, gigantic bubble of “green finance”—wind turbine parks, solar farms, carbon offsets and credits for speculation, farmers “carbon farming,” carbon derivatives…. And you are supposed to pay for it. If you won’t, their weakness is exposed.

If enough citizens and organizations refuse, demand industrial development for all nations instead, the Green New Deal can be crushed.

But many citizens and leaders in the United States and Europe no longer have the morality to seek industrial development for developing nations, for Africa and Southwest Asia. They are indifferent, or put on indifference, to the famine threatening 300 million people this year in South Asia and Africa, triggered by the pandemic. Indifferent to peoples whose public health and hospital systems have crumbled under the waves of COVID-19, because their nations lack the modern healthcare capacities every nation must have and must be provided with. They are self-absorbed enough to ignore worsening social conflict and even, incredibly, the growing threat of global, unsurvivable war.

This must change; it will take a moral renaissance to defeat the pandemic and the “Great Reset” the pandemic is supposed to compel us to. This is the purpose of the series of international conferences of the Schiller Institute over the last year. The next conference is May 8, a few days away: “The Moral Collapse of the Trans-Atlantic World Cries Out for a New Paradigm.” See the panels and register at