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Today at 2pm EDT
There Are No Limits To Growth — A Scientific Roundtable

3 June 2021

TLO—Today at 2pm EDT. Lyndon LaRouche took the occasion of the wicked Club of Rome’s 1972 release of the absurd book "The Limits to Growth" to use that unseemly tract as a foil for developing his own, far superior ideas of economics and science, in his book "There Are No Limits to Growth". Where Malthusians — intent on preventing the growth, scientific or population-wise of what they consider the human herd — see population growth as creating mouths to feed, LaRouche recognized that each mouth came with a mind, capable of discovering new principles of science and technology that would actually "increase" the raw material reserves of the world.

The "modern" analog of the Limits to Growth’s cringe-worthy computer charts foretelling doom if technological and population growth were not promptly reversed, is seen in the noxious and deadly global warming projections emitted by the IPCC.

The authors of "The Limits to Growth" were forced to deny the existence of the human mind in making their dreary forecasts, and the IPCC adopts the conceit that their (rigged) purely terrestrial models (which ignore solar system and galactic effects) present us a reliable picture of a shattered hellscape loosed upon the world by the ravages of untamed fossil fuel use. If the world is truly coming to an end, it would not be the result of burning coal. It would come from the nuclear war that will surely result from the maniacal drive for conflict with Russia and China — if we don’t stop it.

Join us on Saturday to get the truth about exaggerated climate models, the danger of war, and the potentially unlimited power of the human mind.