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Biden-Putin Summit a Baby-Step Forward: The War Party Is Not Happy

19 June 2021

Speakers: Harley Schlanger, David Shavin and Dennis Speed
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While the pre-summit summits were dominated by militant bluster from trans-Atlantic imperial warlords, Putin and Biden stepped back from the edge of the cliff in the joint statement released after their summit: "Today," they declared, "we reaffirm the principle that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought." They spoke about the unspeakable, the threat of nuclear war.

This is a rare positive step, but inadequate, as those demanding the U.S. military be employed to protect a non-existent "Rules-Based Order" will not stop in their efforts to enact regime change Color Revolutions against those who reject their world order. Real sustainable peace depends on a move to a new paradigm, which requires breaking through the degenerate culture that controls how people think. Join us in a dialogue on how to do that.