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A Tale of Two Universes: Post-Conference Evaluation of COP 26 and The Schiller Institute’s ’Immortal Species’ Symposium

20 November 2021

TLO—Was last night’s eclipse of the Moon Nature’s way of characterizing the monumental failure of the lunatics gathered at the recently-deceased COP 26 Conference?

As that concluded, the Schiller Institute instantly responded to and rejected the Glasgow gathering’s depraved indifference to humanity, as well as its pseudo-scientific lunacy, with a two-day conference on the theme: “Mankind Must Be The Immortal Species!” Four committees and a new campaign entitled “Operation Ibn Sina” were announced, the result of that conference’s two-day deliberations. To discuss the two alternate universes of proposed policies and actions represented by these conferences, as well as the rapidly changing international context expressed in the many discussions this past week involving world leaders, Harley Schlanger will begin with an overview, followed by other contributions.