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World War III Danger Over Fatal Missile Strike in Poland Confirms Need for New Strategic Architecture

18 November 2022

SI—In her webcast today, the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp-LaRouche explained how this week’s deadly missile attack in Poland confirms why she and the Schiller Institute have insisted on the need for a new strategic and financial architecture. Even after it became evident that the attack, which killed two Polish citizens, was not initiated by Russia but by Ukraine, the NATO pro-war faction continued to blame Russia, and insist on full support for Zelensky’s puppet government.

The attack occurred during the G20 summit, in which nations of the Global South asserted that they are no longer willing to accept a colonial world order, dominated by the U.S. and Europe. There were important discussions between China’s Xi Jinping and leaders, including Biden and Macron. Zepp-LaRouche emphasized that momentum is with Asia, where there is growth of the real economy, while the west is collapsing due to self-imposed deindustrialization.

While the arrogance of western leaders, committed to war defending the Unipolar Order, remains a danger to all mankind, the emergence of a new NonAligned Movement offers the opportunity for a new movement of world citizens to recognize that the future depends on cooperation. She urged viewers to register for the SI conference on Nov. 22.