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31 August 2016
  Finance Minister Bill Morneau Announced in Beijing Today That Canada Will Apply for Membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

17 December 2015
  Suicide Rates of Young Male Unemployed Workers in Alberta and Saskatchewan Soar in Oil Bust

16 novembre 2015
  PM Trudeau Meets With China President Xi Jinping at G20 Meeting

25 January 2015
  Canadian Parliamentarians Still Silent On Very High-Level Control Of International Terrorism By British-Saudi Nexus

27 October 2014
  Why Does Canada Need a Glass-Steagall Bank Separation?

2 September 2014
  Canada’s Upcoming Renminbi Trading Hub: How Will It Be Used?

16 mai 2014
  La nouvelle Route de la soie et un tunnel sous le détroit de Béring : l’intention Westphalienne de la Chine

19 April 2014
  Canada to Build a Nuclear Industrial Park, Increase Cooperation, in China

31 March 2014
  Book review: Men Against the Desert

23 March 2014
  Canada’s continuing commercial-economic warfare against Brazil is part of a larger British Empire strategic warfare against BRIC bloc of nations

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