The Food Weapon / L'arme alimentaire


23 March 2016
Millions of Africans Face Life-Threatening Food Shortages from Drought

28 September 2014
President Obama Posturing on Ebola Exposed

24 September 2014
Ebola: Infections in the Millions Forecast; Seen as Possibly Becoming Endemic in Africa

21 May 2014
Massive Agriculture Disruption in Northern Plains—Obama/Buffett Policy—Worsens Food Breakdown from Drought and Globalism

15 April 2014
  Obama Oil-Fracking Boom in the Dakotas Sucks up Rail Capacity; Stalls Out Shipments of Fertilizer, Food—a Wall Street Success!

3 March 2014
  Drought: The Time For NAWAPA has come

6 July 2013
Obama Killer Biofuels Program Pushes Sugar and Energy-Beet Ethanol, Along with Corn, Sorghum, Soy Biofuels

22 June 2013
Obama/London Biofuels Policy Is Killing 250,000 People a Year, Causing Disease and Disability for Millions More

13 June 2013
Obama’s Genocide: Two Out of Three Haitians Face Starvation

24 March 2013
An Agronomist’s Perspective: How to Feed a Hungry World

24 March 2013
  Other Nations Would Like to Follow Canada’s Supply Management Policy

30 October 2012
Export Supplies of World Wheat Dropping Drastically; WTO, Calls It Good Thing for Speculators and ’Reducing Demand’

5 October 2012
UN FAO Says World Harvests Down, Prices Up; Obama Envoy to FAO: ’Markets’ Will Solve It; Don’t Take Emergency G20 Action

4 October 2012
Interview with Marcia Baker:
  Food Crisis

7 August 2012
  British Crown’s Final Assault against the Canadian Wheat Board

23 January 2012
  Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London

8 June 2011
  E. Coli O104: Strategy for a New Dark Age?

2 May 2008
Who Wants To Take Your Food Away? : The World Wide Fund for Nature