The Food Weapon / L'arme alimentaire

23 July 2022
Russia-Ukraine Grain Deal Offers First Break in Sanctions Logjam
EIRNS—Meeting at Istanbul’s Dolmabahce Palace early this afternoon, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov, Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Russian Defense Minister Sergei (...)
20 October 2020
‘World Is at a Crossroads’ Stresses WFP Head David Beasley in Copenhagen
EIRNS—David Beasley, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), was the guest speaker at an event at the Danish Institute for International Affairs (DIIS) today, together (...)


23 July 2022
Schiller Institute Special Presentation:
  Istanbul’s Golden Opportunity —Replace Sanctions with Reason!

23 July 2022
Russia-Ukraine Grain Deal Offers First Break in Sanctions Logjam

29 March 2022
IMF Head Warns Anti-Russian Sanctions to Cause Mass Social Unrest

23 January 2022
  Food Crisis: Why are Farmers NOT Allowed to Produce Food?

29 August 2021
Big Grain Losses from North American Drought, Reserves Going Way Down

8 December 2020
India’s Farmers Mass Strike Is Showing the Way Against Cartel Pricing

5 December 2020
Mass Farmer Protest in India, as Farm Leaders Push Their Cause Forward

28 June 2020
Africa’s Development Requires Twenty-Fold Increase in Electricity, 7,000 New Nuclear Power Plants

3 June 2020
International Schiller Institute
Stop the Hunger Pandemic! Save Farmers, Deliver the Food

1 April 2020
Interventions Urgently Needed To Defend and Expand World Food Supply, as Emergencies Increase

10 February 2020
Libérer l’Afrique des essaims de criquets : un défi pour toute l’humanité

29 January 2020
JBS, WH Group Cartel Companies Signed Huge Deal for Meat to China; American and European Farmers May Benefit, or Be Smashed

28 January 2020
German Farmers, ‘Too Silent, Too Long,’ Stage Surprise Actions

23 March 2016
Millions of Africans Face Life-Threatening Food Shortages from Drought

28 September 2014
President Obama Posturing on Ebola Exposed

24 September 2014
Ebola: Infections in the Millions Forecast; Seen as Possibly Becoming Endemic in Africa

21 May 2014
Massive Agriculture Disruption in Northern Plains—Obama/Buffett Policy—Worsens Food Breakdown from Drought and Globalism

15 April 2014
  Obama Oil-Fracking Boom in the Dakotas Sucks up Rail Capacity; Stalls Out Shipments of Fertilizer, Food—a Wall Street Success!

3 March 2014
  Drought: The Time For NAWAPA has come

6 July 2013
Obama Killer Biofuels Program Pushes Sugar and Energy-Beet Ethanol, Along with Corn, Sorghum, Soy Biofuels

22 June 2013
Obama/London Biofuels Policy Is Killing 250,000 People a Year, Causing Disease and Disability for Millions More

13 June 2013
Obama’s Genocide: Two Out of Three Haitians Face Starvation

24 March 2013
An Agronomist’s Perspective: How to Feed a Hungry World

30 October 2012
Export Supplies of World Wheat Dropping Drastically; WTO, Calls It Good Thing for Speculators and ’Reducing Demand’

5 October 2012
UN FAO Says World Harvests Down, Prices Up; Obama Envoy to FAO: ’Markets’ Will Solve It; Don’t Take Emergency G20 Action

4 October 2012
Interview with Marcia Baker:
  Food Crisis

7 August 2012
  British Crown’s Final Assault against the Canadian Wheat Board

23 January 2012
  Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London

8 June 2011
  E. Coli O104: Strategy for a New Dark Age?

2 May 2008
Who Wants To Take Your Food Away? : The World Wide Fund for Nature