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Glass Steagall
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Glass Steagall
15 August 2020
  When Did the ’Invisible Hand ’Start Robbing Everyone? This day, in 1971.
Forty-nine years ago, the United States came under attack—by the City of London. That attack culminated on August 15, 1971 in the fateful decision to take the U.S. dollar off of the gold-reserve (...)
19 March 2020
  Urgent: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Calls for Short Term Halt of Markets to Reorganize
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the International Schiller Institute, called for closing the financial markets to halt the inevitable collapse of the global casino economy and to reorganize it, (...)
22 January 2009
’FULL TEXT: The Glass-Steagall Act a.k.a. The Banking Act of 1933’
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK Circular No. 1248 "1 June 22. 1933 J BANKING ACT OF 1933 To all Member Banks in the Second Federal Reserve District: For your information we enclose a (...)
19 June 2012
Appeal For A Global Glass-Steagall Now!
This appeal is aimed at creating the conditions for an urgently needed revival of the physical economies of nations around the world, by promoting mutually beneficial economic relations between (...)
14 October 2016
Alexander Hamilton’s Four Economic Papers
LPAC—Read the original writings of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. His principles of economics allowed the economic success of the U.S. and are the basis of LaRouche’s "Four New Laws to Save (...)

Productive Credit / Crédit productif
29 July 2020
Xi Jinping Addresses the Fifth Annual Meeting of The AIIB
EIRNS — Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a video address to the fifth annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and stated that “The initiative is designed to develop (...)



13 January 2022
  There Is Little Positive News Coming from the Russia-NATO Talks in Brussels

5 October 2021
  Is There a Future for North American Pipelines?

5 October 2021
Rising Energy Prices: It Is Hyperinflation, Stupid!

1 June 2021
No Party Will Touch the City and Wall Street: The LaRouche Movement Will

12 October 2020
How To Create A Manufacturing Superpower; Making America Great Again

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