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Glass Steagall
Productive Credit / Crédit productif

Glass Steagall
21 November 2018
  LaRouche’s Warning: Only a New Bretton Woods System Will Work, Than and Now
LPAC—American System economist Lyndon LaRouche warns a webcast audience in 2007 of an impending collapse of the global financial system, saying there is no way the present system can sustain (...)
8 June 2014
Four New Laws for a Global Economic Recovery
By Lyndon H. LaRouche The following statement is for immediate action by all associates in all regions of the National Caucus of Labour Committees and its associated practice. The priority is (...)
22 January 2009
’FULL TEXT: The Glass-Steagall Act a.k.a. The Banking Act of 1933’
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK Circular No. 1248 "1 June 22. 1933 J BANKING ACT OF 1933 To all Member Banks in the Second Federal Reserve District: For your information we enclose a (...)
19 June 2012
Appeal For A Global Glass-Steagall Now!
You can sign the ‘ Appeal ’ at the bottom of the page This appeal is aimed at creating the conditions for an urgently needed revival of the physical economies of nations around the world, by (...)
14 October 2016
Alexander Hamilton’s Four Economic Papers
LPAC—Read the original writings of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. His principles of economics allowed the economic success of the U.S. and are the basis of LaRouche’s "Four New Laws to Save (...)

Productive Credit / Crédit productif
11 July 2018
`Punitive Tariffs Cannot Make America Great Again’
EIRNS— China Today published this article by EIR Washington Bureau chief William Jones: The impending U.S. tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods went into effect on Friday, July 6. China (...)
29 April 2017
International Webcast
  Lyndon LaRouche: ’We Are An Anti-Oligarchical Nation!’
EIR’s daily One-Minute short features an archive clip from a June 2009 webcast titled "Britain Delenda Est!" by Lyndon LaRouche. He clearly defines the difference between the American System of (...)
22 November 2016
  Interview with Paul Gallagher: Financing a Recovery
Jason Ross sits down with EIR’s Paul Gallagher to discuss how to finance the trillions of dollars required for a U.S. recovery, taking up questions that have come in from activists and from (...)



3 September 2019
Defeat Bank of England’s Attack on the Dollar, with No Trade War

5 July 2019
In North America, Two Firms Agree on 2,400 km Railway Connector

11 June 2019
It Will Take A New Credit And Money System

8 June 2019
China’s Ministry of Commerce Issues Research Paper Refuting the Arguments of Those Pushing Trade War

23 July 2018
Trump Confounds The Nuclear Warmongers; Now For The Wall Street Free-Traders!

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