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20 March 2020
  CPAC Documentaries - Unmasking Influenza
CPAC—The Spanish Flu killed more than 50 million people worldwide 100 years ago. 50,000 of the victims were Canadians. Find out if Canada is ready for a pandemic like that today. (...)
18 February 2011
What is, and to what End do we study, Universal History?
by Friedrich von Schiller
On May 26-27, 1789, Schiller delivered this lecture on Universal History at Jena University. It was his first lecture in his new position as Professor of History, a post which Goethe had arranged (...)
1 July 2011
  A Republican Constitution / Une Constitution Républicaine
John Milton Erasmus of/ de Roterdam Jean-Baptiste Colbert a Draft Constitution for the Commonwealth of Canada We republicans of today are the heirs of St. Augustine, of Italy’s (...)


14 November 2020
The Nation-State vs. the Globalists: Some History

3 July 2020
Concerning the Mob and the Emancipation Statue

17 April 2019
President Putin Celebrates Cosmonautics Day, Exhorts Youth To Reach ‘Ambitious Goals’

17 March 2018
The Alcibiades Trap: The Stupidity of Anglo-American Arrogance

24 May 2017
Iran Key for Silk Road, Chinese Ambassador Emphasizes

14 November 2016
’Reconcile the total world! Seek above the stars unfurled!’

8 May 2015
Manhattan’s Struggle for Human Freedom Against The Slave Power of Virgin

6 March 2015
Joan of Arc, the European Renaissance and the American Republic

24 October 2014
800 Years of Tanzania-China Trade Relations

19 November 2013
Two speeches on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address

15 November 2013
    President Kennedy addresses a Joint Session of the Canadian Parliament on May 17, 1961

11 October 2013
  JFK vs. Empire, Interview with Anton Chaitkin

18 September 2013
  A Profile In Courage, former US Congressman Neil Gallagher

15 July 2013
The New York Times, The British and The Black Spot

5 April 2013
Some Remarks on the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Then and Now

2 January 2013
January 1st, 2013: The Emancipation Proclamation- A Sacred Anniversary for a True American Tradition

8 November 2012
  Anton Chaitkin: The Curse of Political Parties

13 February 2012
  Is the US going to be ruled by the British Queen ?

1 November 2011
How Ben Franklin Organized Our Economic Independence
by Anton Chaitkin

4 July 2011
  Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness

1 July 2011
  A Republican Constitution / Une Constitution Républicaine

22 June 2011
President John Quincy Adams first annual message to Congress

27 May 2011
What happened to us?:
What Is Our Constitution?
By Lyndon LaRouche

24 May 2011
Declaration of the Inalienable Rights of Man

20 February 2011
The creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority
by Franklin D. Roosevelt

20 February 2011
On the Bank Crisis
by Franklin D. Roosevelt

20 February 2011
Agapê and the founding of the American Republic
A Temple of Hope ... A Beacon of Liberty

19 February 2011
On the St. Lawrence Treaty with Canada
by Franklin D. Roosevelt

19 February 2011
The American System versus British Geopolitics in Ireland
by Paul Gallagher

19 February 2011
How British Free Trade Starved Millions During Ireland’s Potato Famine

18 February 2011
What is, and to what End do we study, Universal History?
by Friedrich von Schiller

30 November 2010
  The American Roots of Sinn Fein: The Story of Arthur Griffith

12 June 2010
Lyndon LaRouche Addresses EIR Seminar, Frankfurt, Germany, June 10, 2010
The Mass Strike Can Defeat the British Empire

18 April 2010
  The Two Massachusetts

2 June 2008
  1932: Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles

4 May 2007
Henry Carey’s Worldwide Land-Bridge

1 November 2003
The Historical Individual
By Lyndon LaRouche