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25 août 2018
  L’astronaute David Saint-Jacques invite les élèves canadiens à participer à un projet éducatif

4 August 2018
An Endorsement from Canada for the North American Belt and Road Initiative (NABRI) and the candidacy of Kesha Rogers for U.S. Congress (TX-9)

18 May 2018
Canada: World Land-Bridge Gateway to the Americas

28 décembre 2017
  L’astronaute Chris Hadfield rend hommage à la mission Apollo 17

28 décembre 2017
  L’astronaute David Saint-Jacques parle de la recherche scientifique à bord de l’ISS

31 August 2016
  Finance Minister Bill Morneau Announced in Beijing Today That Canada Will Apply for Membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

17 December 2015
  Suicide Rates of Young Male Unemployed Workers in Alberta and Saskatchewan Soar in Oil Bust

30 November 2015
PM Trudeau Set up at Commonwealth Meeting To Do The Global Warming Bidding of the Queen’s Pawn Barack Obama; India says, No Deal.

16 novembre 2015
  PM Trudeau Meets With China President Xi Jinping at G20 Meeting

25 January 2015
  Canadian Parliamentarians Still Silent On Very High-Level Control Of International Terrorism By British-Saudi Nexus

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