BRICS & the New Silk Road / BRICS et Nouvelle route de la soie


The New Silk Road / La Nouvelle route de la soie

11 December 2021
South Africa Launches Work at BRICS Vaccine Center; Russia Lends Support
EIRNS—South African President Cyril Ramaphosa (CR), turning somewhat away from the Anglo-American powers, has established the BRICS Vaccine Research and Development Centre based in South Africa, (...)
28 novembre 2021
President Putin and Prime Minister Modi To Meet in India on December 6
EIRNS—Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to India on Dec. 6 for his first in-person summit in two years with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “They will review the state and prospects (...)
27 November 2021
China White Paper on ‘China-Africa in a New Era’
EIRNS—Today China released a new white paper, titled, “China and Africa in the New Era: A Partnership of Equals.” It comes on the eve of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which meets (...)
18 May 2021
South Africa’s DIRCO Posts ‘China’s Shared Future for Mankind’
EIRNS—A lengthy op-ed from March 29 for the Independent Online (IOL) website, highlighting the benefits to Africa from its recent relationship with China was posted on March 30 on South Africa’s (...)
13 January 2021
What Is China Really Planning? What Americans Should Know About Today’s China
TLO—Richard A. Black, the Schiller Institute representative at the UN in New York, recently published an article in Executive Intelligence Review, titled, "Science Driver and Culture — Not Money — (...)

The New Silk Road / La Nouvelle route de la soie
15 janvier 2022
La Syrie se reconnecte aux Routes de la soie
IS—Mercredi 12 janvier, la Syrie a annoncé sa participation à l’initiative « Ceinture économique de la route de la soie et route de la soie maritime du XXIe siècle » par le biais d’un protocole d’accord (...)
2 March 2021
Interview with EIR Asia rep. Hussein Askary
  Biden Bombing — Will Iraqi Youth Be Militiamen or Engineers?
SI—What does Biden’s Feb. 25 bombing, supposedly in self-defense, of targets inside Syria mean for the region and the world? Iraqi-Swedish political activist Hussein Askary, the Southwest Asia (...)
16 December 2020
  Hussein Askary Keynotes High-Level Pakistan Event on Belt and Road Initiative
EIRNS—On Monday, Dec. 14, Hussein Askary gave the keynote presentation to an event in Pakistan, “The Belt and Road Initiative in the Post-COVID World,” which was organized by the Sustainable (...)
2 mai 2019
Forum de Beijing : La Nouvelle Route de la soie, tremplin pour le XXIe siècle
S&P—Suite au second Forum international de la Ceinture et la Route, qui s’est tenu du 25 au 27 avril à Beijing, il est désormais évident que la dynamique mondiale est dominée par la Nouvelle Route (...)
26 avril 2019
Les routes vers l’Ouest
Le journal Beijing Review en date du 16 avril 2019 a publié un article de Helga Zepp-Larouche. Elle donne une vision de ce que représente l’Initiative une Ceinture une Route et appelle les (...)
7 avril 2019
Le dossier de l’Institut Schiller en version française
Les Nouvelles Routes de la soie
Pont terrestre mondial
Pour en finir avec la géopolitique
Traduit en français et mis à jour, ce dossier de référence n’était publié jusqu’à présent qu’en anglais, en arabe et en chinois. Cette nouvelle version, très exhaustive, est maintenant disponible. Voir (...)


19 January 2022
China’s Rail Transport System To Be Upgraded

15 janvier 2022
La Syrie se reconnecte aux Routes de la soie

23 December 2021
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Says U.S. and Russia Have Agreement on Talks

23 December 2021
Putin Speaks with Scholz, Macron, and Modi About Russia’s Treaty Proposals

21 December 2021
Wang Yi Commemorates 8th Anniversary of BRI, Describes President Xi’s ‘Global Development Initiative’

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